power as energy

by Bonnie Benham, with Andrea Olsen and Sarah Springer

In the final hour of our workshop with Mary Brydon-Miller that explored systems of power and privilege our group formed around the concept of power as energy.

swirls by Anders LjungbergQuestion: How can we see power as energy moving through a system rather than a force that dominates a system?

We discussed the benefits to an organization when power might be seen Continue reading


Mary Brydon-Miller, Weekend Workshop

The Terrible Truth:
Interrogating Systems of Power and Privilege and Choosing to Act

photo of Mary Brydon-MillerLed by Mary Brydon-Miller, a trailblazer in experiential learning, transformative pedagogy, and action research, this workshop/master class will explore how to generate empathetic relationships that allow for constructive co-inquiry in social change processes and in our classrooms.

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Space limited to 20 faculty, students, staff, and alumni.

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