Practitioner Inquiry

~ Please Join Us ~

A number of participants in our December 4th and November 13th events expressed an interest in bringing more practitioner voices into this process, from all of our degree programs at the Middlebury Institute (MIIS).

We would like to encourage as many of you as possible to take the step to engage with your practitioner worlds, with the idea that you share the results of these engagements in a Deans’ Seminar event in Monterey on May 20th.  (See the Spring 2016 schedule for details.)

The questions you use to engage with will be contextualized to your specific fields, but to help start the process we have formulated “generic” questions that reflect the purposefulness and theme of this year’s Deans’ Seminar initiative:

1.       What ethical and practical dilemmas do our practitioners face in the field?

2.       What ethical and practical dilemmas do clients and/or communities encounter with our practitioners in the field?

3.       To what extent should students and professors at MIIS be engaging with these dilemmas in the classroom? How do/should classrooms, practitioners, and communities interrelate?

4.       What competencies, methodologies and approaches are needed to address these dilemmas?

5.       What are the most important practices and competencies of a practitioner in your field? What is your image of an “ideal” practitioner in your field?

6.       What challenges does such an “ideal” practitioner face in trying to live up to that ideal in the real world?  How have you personally navigated these issues?

7.       What is transformative practice in your field (provide examples)?

8.       What type of practitioner should we be trying to help form at MIIS?

9.       What questions should we be asking that we are not?

You may choose to adapt these questions or use your own.  And, we are happy to help you think about ways to engage your practitioner worlds if you would like help.

We would like to enrich the Deans’ Seminar with your own conversations with practitioners, in whatever form makes most sense to you.

~ The Deans’ Seminar Team