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Friday, May 20th, 2016 – Who Is Our Ideal Practitioner, Round Two
In November, 2015 we heard from development practitioners about what they wished they had learned in grad school.  On May 20, we’ll process data from similar inquiries from faculty/staff across MIIS’ two schools.  

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Events Archive

Envisioning Middlebury lecture in Monterey, California (05/06/2016)
~ Gardner Campbell: Romantic Computing and the Future of Education

Envisioning Middlebury lecture in Middlebury, Vermont (04/12/2016)
~ Bill Maris: Vermont, Silicon Valley, and the Future

Sprintensive as Transformational Pedagogy (04/07/2016)
~ Challenges and Breakthroughs

Lecture in Vermont by Martha Nussbaum,  (03/17/3016)
~ Anger and revolutionary justice: Ideas for liberal learning

Masterclass on Power and Priviledge with Mary Brydon-Miller (02/27/2016)
~ reflection by Bonnie Benham, with Andrea Olsen: power as energy

Masterclass on Action Research with Hilary Bradbury (12/08/2015)

Outside In: Practitioner Voices, Faculty Perspectives (12/04/2015)

The Gap Between Competent and Transformative (11/13/2016)
reflection by Jasmine Lambert: Practivist

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