Sprintensive as Transformational Pedagogy – Breakthroughs and Challenges

Our sprintensive-session-springerThursday, April 7th Deans’ Seminar convening featured colleagues from the Sprintensive team. Their FFI-funded curricular experiment takes advantage of block scheduling to drive inter-faculty and cross-curricular integration and collaboration in a feedback-rich learning community for students.

Reflections from each of four faculty members on the challenges and breakthroughs they had personally experienced while working within this three-weeks-per-module intensive learning format were preceded by an overview of the structure and features of the program by Beryl Levinger:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Beryl’s presentation (22 min):

Alfredo Ortiz augmented his commentary with a graphic that provokes a discussion of the ways in which core Deans’ Seminar principles intersect with distinguishing elements of the Sprintensive format:

Intersection-of_DeansSeminar-principles+Sprintensive-features_graphic-by-Alfredo-Ortizintersection of Deans’ Seminar & Sprintensive – graphic by aortiz 

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2 thoughts on “Sprintensive as Transformational Pedagogy – Breakthroughs and Challenges

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