Hilary Bradbury – Action Research Masterclass

photo of Hilary BradburyOne of the world’s foremost action research scholar-practitioners – Hilary Bradbury – will offer a Master Class to interested Middlebury Institute (MIIS) faculty on December 8.  You can learn more about Hilary on the Action Research Plus site and via her OHSU faculty profile.

In this Master Class, Hilary will talk about her approaches, methodologies, and methods for developing graduate students into quality action researchers.

At the heart of action research are notions of participatory inquiry, research that leads more directly and more often to desired changes in practices, and facilitation of high quality and rigorous learning cycles as new practices are tested, evaluated, and modified.

  • What kinds of practices in the academy are useful for producing professionals who can lead and engage in such collaborative learning and action cycles?
  • What kinds of social change may be uniquely fostered through action research rather than other methodologies?
  • What does it take technically and emotionally to be a world class action researcher?

Hilary will offer her thoughts on these and other questions.  And most importantly, Hilary will facilitate a dialogue with interested Middlebury Institute faculty about our own practices.

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